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Branding & Packaging Workshop ( 12 hours) – 50 % off

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kr7,900.00 kr3,950.00

This worshop has 3 modules: 

  • Personal Branding (3 hours )
  • Business Branding (3 hours *2)
  • Pricing and packaging (3 hours )

The workshop is going to be conducted virtualy over zoom.




Business Branding is a way of identifying your business. It is how your customers recognise and experience your business.

If you are authentic customers will follow you and be you loyal buyers for a longer period of time.

In this workshop you’ll learn almost everything you need to know about pricing and packaging your services to help you scale.


Offer 50% discount ends at 16th February 2021.

1 review for Branding & Packaging Workshop ( 12 hours) – 50 % off

  1. Suriati Supani Public Speaking Coach & Travel Consultant. Owner of Scandic Planet

    Richa is definitely an authority in the subject of Branding and Packaging. In her course, she brought her wealth of business experience as relevant examples.
    The best thing about Richa’s Branding and Packaging Course is that the exercises will help you spark more ideas related to your business.
    And this was exciting to watch as the workshops led to participants having A-ha moments and more clarity on how they could take their businesses further. The course featured many discussions whereby each participant was asked to dive in to talk about how the concepts apply to their business.
    These discussions were very useful as Richa generously offered her expert advice on which direction participants should take for their businesses.
    This aspect is super valuable! The returns-of-investment on this course is way much higher than what it cost. Well done, Richa!

  2. Kristin Flaen, Business Owner / Health Entrepreneur, Business and Wellness Coach 2thrive AS

    Thank you for an amazing, practical and hands-on workshop, Richa!You made us
    reflect, and you challenged us to take action!As a result of this Branding- and
    Packaging workshop I have seen several ways to expand my business.
    You also showed me how to integrate much more of my skills and my qualities as a person into
    my business.
    Implementing what I learnt makes my business thrive!

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