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People often wonder if they need any kind of coaching and sometimes when they don’t have anyone to answer or clarify the doubts, these questions are left unanswered. 

To break the ice, here’s a list of FAQs to help you sort through the basics of coaching and the consultations that are available for you to grow and flourish.

What is coaching?

A coach is a trained professional or a team of specialists who help you to  understand and overcome the blocks that hinder your professional or personal growth. In order to do so, you can opt for one-on-one or a group coaching session. Depending on your needs, you can connect with a coach, explain and comprehend the outcome and then take it forward from there. Coaching is an inclusive term with various branches, for example goal-mapping, life coaching, relationships, career and business coaching to name a few.

In my coaching, I always focus on the sentiments, endurance and the perceptions of people I connect with. I believe it is important to hear and accept a person before working with them. Besides, being a certified coach and goal-mapper, the experiences of my professional life as an artist, a business entrepreneur and rebuilding my whole identity from scratch after being written-off serve as a solid foundation for my coaching.

Who can use coaching?

Anyone who wishes a wholesome growth can come for coaching. People from various age groups have resorted and have benefited tremendously be it through meditation or mindset or life coaching.


Over the years I have realised that people usually want to be coached when-

  1. They’re looking for a change.
  2. They feel stuck and want an intervention.
  3. They are unable to communicate or express.
  4. They want to succeed.
  5. They want to be entrepreneurs or start something of their own.

Having worked as a coach and also as someone who has taken coaching sessions from various mentors and coaches, I have realised that when we have someone who shares our mindset and helps us navigate better through the hurdles and gives us a clearer vision of how to get there, it becomes very easy to overcome whatever is holding us back. Coaching encourages clarity.

Why Richa Chandra?

Besides my own experiences of overcoming various professional hurdles and reinventing my identity, I am a certified NLP Master Practitioner and have experience with various aspects of coaching including – life, career, family and relationships. Along with the professional skills, I blend in the needed structure and mechanism exclusively to benefit each patron, as per their requirements.

My services include coaching, consultations and offering strategies as needed. Also, once started I believe in regular follow-ups and making sure to see results such as transformation through the finish line. 

I also have various workshops to help with specific goals like visibility, personal branding or branding and packaging combined. This might also include redefining, strategizing and revaluing mindset, purpose, long-term and short-term goals, relationships and/or career path, depending on the selected coaching criteria. The only common goal in all this is your growth and success.

What is the difference between life coaching, career coaching and business coaching?

Though these are interrelated aspects of life, Life, career and business coaching are very different from one-another.

Life coaching focuses on the holistic and wholesome development of you as a personality and this covers subjects like your work environment, daily life, work-life balance, likes and dislikes, some aspects of relationships and the areas that you want to excel or improve.

Career coaching focuses on your aims, goals and the professional environment you’ll thrive in. This also includes encouraging your professional attitude, skills and finding a way where you’ll meet your ambitions in your calibration and desired line. It can also be related to changing careers, where we might decide on goal mapping and work through options when needed. 

Business coaching focuses on the entrepreneurial mindset, personal growth and visibility as a brand and preparing the mindset to recognise and seize the opportunities. It also helps to broaden your vision and set into motion the right kind of system that works for your business and growth in the long run.

I have a small business, so I still need coaching?

It doesn’t matter if you’re a start up, or a small scale business or a corporate. Sometimes, we all need a little nudge to go in the right direction. I have clients varying from being first time entrepreneurs to artists to corporate houses. Everyone has different priorities, ambitions and needs. To suit everyone, we have different plans and structures, so that your growth continues as it should, with any setbacks.

I’m not in the same country as you. Then?

It doesn’t matter! Thanks to technology, we can connect in a matter of seconds from any corner of the world! That being said, I have clientele not only in Norway but in various parts of the world like the USA, UK and India. As long as we can work out on availability l, time, date and proficient language (mine being English); we can make this work!

How will we get started?

Normally after you send an email or book an appointment for a consultation (usually free), we get to talk and chat for a brief while (20-25 minutes) in which we have an honest conversation about what you want and if I’m suitable to align with your purposes and needs. Once that is done and we’re on the same page, then we proceed forward as per needed.

To know more about how people have benefited from my coaching, you can also read the testimonials on the website and in our first conversation you’re welcome to ask me about them.

How will the coaching take place?

I understand everyone has a busy schedule and that is where technology comes into picture.

I have successfully helped my clients over phone, zoom and Skype meetings as well as in-person sessions. We usually start with understanding the smallest details including likes, dislikes, fears, frustrations, joys and ambitions and work through them as required in a decided duration of time. It is very important to me that people who approach me for coaching feel comfortable and confident with me, and hence, everything that I’m told as a coach stays completely confidential and private.

How long will the coaching last and how will I know if it’s working for me?

Normally, any kind of coaching takes some sessions to sink in, and prove effective. Usually, when you start finding a clear-concise approach to the question that prompted you to seek coaching, it’s thought to be working and showing results. But, this also depends and varies from one person to another and the stream of coaching along with the point in question. So, these two questions take some time to be answered in real life, because coaching is all about building up a solid groundwork for you and solid things take some time!

Does coaching cost a lot of money?

Honestly, it depends on your life, schedule and willingness to commit. It is a good investment in yourself and your persona overall. There are also various packages and workshops available on my website for you to look and decide from. And, I believe you’ll see the worth once you read about the advantages and enhancements this wonderful world of coaching presents you with! It really assists in bringing out the real YOU!

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