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Membership Guidelines: 


Welcome to this wonderful world of spiritual growth at Richa-Chandra.com! We are so delighted to have you here!

Our goal is to keep this webspace a warm and safe place for everyone to feel welcome and be themselves. To ensure this, we’ll be working hard from our end to stay true to our purpose. These community guidelines are designed for you giving you a seamless experience while exploring the website and also laying a foundation for what to expect from each other as pillars of a beautiful community, where people have similar interests. As a member of Richa Chandra Coaching or Meditation Business we request you to read and adhere to the following guidelines:

Please do:

  • Treat each-other with respect even if it is an online space.
  • There can be a lot of things where people might agree or disagree. Let’s be tolerant, respectful and helpful.
  • Please help us keep the privacy of this website intact. You can do so, by respecting the rights regarding any information shared here. If some information is exchanged here, then let’s keep it here in this webspace and not carry it forward.
  • All communication should be conducted with politeness and civility.

Please do not:

  • Encourage any form of profanity, violence, nudity, disrespect, aggression and/or personal attacks. 
  • Make or comment any kind of derogatory or defamatory marks or posts or allegations against others.
  • Indulge into any kind of bullying, prejudice or bias against other members of this community. 

Please remember:

  • Copying, reusing or distributing any material from this website without proper permission will be in violation with copyright and intellectual property rights and will thus be considered an illegal activity.
  • Any harassment which translates into hateful conduct, discrimination, hate speech, bullying, or targeted attacks can result into permanent ban from this webspace and can also lead to other suitable legal actions .
  • Impersonating other users is strictly prohibited.
  • Spam and scams are banned on this platform.
  • Sexual content or nudity or any other kind of illegal, deformative or derogatory activity which is or can be a threat or a problem to the community here or society in general is banned on this platform.
  • Any violent conduct that includes extreme violence via texts or words or any other mode of communication, graphic violence, psychological abuse, profanities, threats, gore, obscenities, and harmful act or intent towards others, and any kind of malicious or suspicious act or behaviour is prohibited on this platform and will not be tolerated.
  • Sharing someone else’s information whether private or public and marketing of any sorts for any other email or means or therapy without proper permission of Richa Chandra or her team is prohibited here and will lead to removal of such material.
  • Any person or community member who doesn’t adhere or follow the guidelines will be given warnings first and if they refuse to act on them, then Richa Chandra.com reserves full right to act accordingly as needed on such violations and breaches.

There is a zero-tolerance policy for any kind of instigation or inflammatory remarks in this community. And we take our responsibility very seriously.


What will happen if the guidelines are not followed:

We will take action depending upon the nature of violation of the guidelines.

Also, we would request all our community members to report any such breaches to  coaching@richa-chandra.com


By becoming a member of this community, creating and activating your profile (free or paid), you are considered to be in agreement with the terms and conditions listed above.

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