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Exclusive Business Coaching

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Entrepreneurs often start doing all the work themselves and sooner or later they need someone who can guide them in tough times.

This package gives 30 sessions for coaching focued on your business and how to monitize your products and services.

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Entrepreneurs often start doing all the work themselves and sooner or later they need someone who can guide them in tough times. I can help you prioritize time, tasks, projects and stay focused on the end result.

Having a coach or mentor who follows you up makes it easier for you to do what you want and achieve the desired results.

Having started and sold 3 companies, I know what it means to be an entrepreneur. I’ve been lucky and had world-renowned coaches who have guided me.

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From personal experience, I can say that business coaching not just boosts your professional development but also improves your personal overall.

Business coaching has been known to be a key in building confidence, teams, teamwork, strategic framework and even envisioning higher goals. It is a great method for start-up entrepreneurs and established corporates alike to develop critical thinking, employer and employee relationships, prioritising goals and exposures aptly while combating subconscious roadblocks, incompetence and ineptitude.

Coaching Includes:

  • Business plan 
  • Action plan
  • Marketing plan
  • Detailed follow up for 3 months
  • Business Mindset 
  • Branding & packaging
  • Instagram Worthy 

The business coaching is that we set up an effective action plan for:


  • Product Development 
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Corporate Culture
  • Delegation
  • Branding & Packaging


When using NLP and proprietary 9P technique to identify where in the company there is a need for change.

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1 review for Exclusive Business Coaching

  1. Marijana Bodruzic

    I am the Founder of Sporty Delight (personal trainer). I have taken Richa Chandra’s business coaching where she has helped me start my company and explained in detail what I needed to do, what is necessary and what is not. She has helped me with branding and packaging and how to attract my ideal clients. In the branding and packaging I learned how to make proper packages and price them the right way. I also learned how to brand both myself and my company and so much more. More than that she helped me to figure out who my ideal clients were in the first place. I attended her goal mapping workshop which was amazing. She has a way of opening your eyes and thinking beyond what your eyes can see. She makes you think outside of the box, and she makes sure she attends to your needs. If you are a beginner, she makes you believe that you are an entrepreneur. Besides that, I got the incentive of practical things, such as accounting, taxes and all the templates I needed for it. I really recommend Richa’s services because she really invests herself into your company and helps you build it from the ground up.

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