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Pricing and Packaging workshop ( 3 hours)


This module is 3 hours long conducted over zoom. 


Your business is well-established and you have a steady stream of income from several clients.

Despite your success, you yearn for even more growth.One area to focus on is correctly pricing and packaging your services. In this workshop you’ll learn almost everything you need to know about pricing and packaging your services to help you scale.

1 review for Pricing and Packaging workshop ( 3 hours)

  1. Sarita Salwan Founder and CEO The Accidental Cook

    The course gave me a vision to dare to try something I
    wouldn't have done. The Accidental Cook concept has
    evolved with every class i had with storming ideas,
    putting them into action and now i am all set for this
    new venture and using the knowledge gained in the
    course . Thank you! I would recommend this course to
    each and everyone who needs a kick to reach out for
    your goals.

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